We can import the native 3D files from CATIA and NX and we design our moulds with VISI by Hexagon.

A cooperative attitude in terms of co-engineering supports our Customers in the realization of the best product.

Process synergy, quality without any compromise.

Every single phase of our process is internal and perfectly monitored by a staff equipped with the most advanced technologies. Product and process travel on parallel tracks.


At the heart of our operating structure there are powerful entrepreneurial culture and a continuous research of new technologies that can always help to improve the quality of our works.

Machinery park

Type of machine Nomination Specification
MILLING PARPAS DIAMOND 30 Dimension 2800x3100x1200
MILLING PARPAS DIAMOND 45 Dimension 2200x1500x1000
MILLING PROMAC VTR/D High speed - 5 axes - dim. 1600x1000x800mm
MILLING MAKINO D500 ROBOT 3 R High speed - 9 pallets - 5 axes - dim. 550x1000x500mm
MILLING PARPAS XS Dimension 6000x3000x1500mm
MILLING SACHMANN TRT Dimension 3000x2000x1600mm
MILLING PARPAS LHS High speed - dim. 3000x2000x1200mm - 5 axes
MILLING PARPAS ML90 6 axes - dimension 6000x2000x1250mm
MILLING FANUC ALFAT 14ic High speed - size 500x350x400mm
EDM INGERSOLL 1500 Internal dimension 2520x1520x945mm
EDM FANUC ALFA 1A With cutting thread (wire erosion)

With the most updated technologies our projects run 24/7.

We constantly carry out inspections and dimensional measurements to monitor each manufacturing phase.

The support of a management software completely integrated with the production assures the organization of the customized warehouse for each Customer’s project, providing speed and efficiency during the assembling phase.

Regro has been building over the years an important collaboration network with suppliers that support us in the trials of our moulds.